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Preschool ‘Fight Club’ Run by Teachers Caught on Camera

In 2016, teachers at the Adventure Learning Center in St. Louis, Missouri were caught organizing a fight club between their 4-year-old students because they needed a way to entertain the tiny children and somehow landed on organized beatings. Now video of the incident has surfaced and been released by Fox ...

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This Tiny Turbo Keychain Works Great on Your RC Car

As you’ve probably seen, those little turbo keychains you can get on the internet actually work when you pump air through them. But, this clever armchair engineer mounted his in-line on an actual nitro RC car and, lo and behold, it actually appears to boost the engine. Or, at the ...

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This Road Rage Incident Got out of Control Fast

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always assumed that Australians were fairly nice and easygoing people. Sure, not Canadian nice, but maybe a rung or two below that. I’m sure Aussies are still relatively nice, but this video filmed in Canberra, Australia is proof that folks from the Land ...

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