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Former Disney star’s new adult video frustrates former fans

Yet again fans are shocked when a child star grows up and does the things normal women her age do. After releasing a few bikini pics and a short video where she waggles her hips, former Disney star Bella Thorne started getting grief from fans who hoped she would stay a child forever.

The actress has been appearing on film and TV since the age of 5 and is now transitioning to more adult roles. The teen star lost her father when she was barely 10-years-old to a motorcycle accident. She suffers from dyslexia and has been homeschooled after being abused by pubic school peers for her reading disability.

Now at the age of 21, Thorne is working in both the film and music industries. A clip from her racy new video has driven away even more of her old fans, but drawn the attention of the adult audience.

Like most young women her age, Bella is heavily involved with social media. She documents and uploads her day to day activities, which often involve going to the beach in a bikini. Take a look at the images below and decide for yourself if they’re worth getting upset about.

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