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This Is the Most Ridiculous Middle Finger Fight You’ll See

The term “hipster fight” seems like an oxymoron, and after watching the above video from Soho, New York, you’ll see just how much of an oxymoron it really is.

The video, which was later revealed to be staged by the video’s creator, producer Guy Blelloch, shows two dudes just angrily flipping each other off for more than 20 seconds. That’s right, not even a light shove for the folks at home. You can’t get much more of a hipster fight than that.

Racking up more than three million views on Twitter alone, the video absolutely blew up on social media, with a number of people commenting that this is how millennials fight these days. Damn millennials.

Of course, most of the online reaction came before everyone knew that the video was fake.

“I made it with my friends,” Blelloch, whose Twitter handle is @apiecebyguy, told The Daily Beast.

Apparently, the orchestrated middle finger fight in the streets of New York City wasn’t Blelloch’s first foray into fake viral videos, though it has definitely been the content creator’s most viral attempt.

Per The Daily Beast:

This isn’t Blelloch’s first attempt at a fake viral video — although none of them appear to have had this level of success. In the past, Blelloch has posted videos that purport to show him “catching” someone putting condoms on the handlebars of a Citbike, doing comically bad pull-ups, and smoking an old cigarette butt.

And conservative personalities like actor James Woods called the not-quite combatants low testosterone “soy boys,” while others focused on the location of the fight in New York’s fashionable SoHo neighborhood, speculating that the men were two clothing-obsessed hypebeasts.

Hey, if fake fight videos is what’s the rage these days, then so be it. Nothing’s wrong with some good old fashioned staged shenanigans to get the people going.

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